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    • 📦 wk10: video mental model: The power of coaching

 ✅ wk1: video mental model: Sunday Nights ready

Sunday Nights. I can be really busy in my mind. I can have a lot of things going on in my mind, and oftentimes, it's a little bit hard to focus on that key, specific area. So something that I've been doing for, gosh, since early in my career, is Sunday nights. Sunday nights I get in that mental flow state of like, “Alright. What is Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday going to look like?” What is it going to look like for my schedule, but it's also looping in my wife and sitting together with her on the couch and saying, “Hey, what's your schedule look like this week?” or, “Hey, what do the kids need me for this week?” And that gets me in the right state of mind. So when I wake up on Monday morning, it's not 8 emails, 6 followups, a meeting, and the kids going to school. Literally, they just walked out of the door. I normally take them every day at 8:30am, but we had this at 9am, so me and my wife had to communicate on Sunday to say, “Hey, you're taking over on this day.” So, I think that's really important.

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